10 exercises that will make you a better photographer

How do you get a more creative photographer without buying new equipment? Here are some ideas for getting out of your comfort zone and hone your craft.

How a photographer can improve his skills?

A photographer is not just the owner of a professional camera and a person who knows how to adjust the focus. He is also a virtuoso and a jack of all trades. During photography, photographers sometimes have to transform into producers, props, or even psychologists. But h to develop your creativity and where to look for inspiration?

Creative exercises for photographers

There are 10 photography exercises to become a professional:

  1. Walk as much as possible

The best method of street photography is to become a tramp, to walk without a specific purpose and destination. Try to follow your curiosity. Take a walk on unfamiliar streets, and you will surely meet great stories.

  1. Take pictures of not only people

Photographers often forget that in addition to people there are other interesting subjects. The best genre photos, of course, show people, but people are not a prerequisite. When walking around the city, pay attention not only to people. Focus on stories that may characterize the society in one way or another. These can be billboards, items you find underfoot, cityscapes, and other visual messages.

  1. Be simple

 If you like funny photos – why not? If you like pictures of objects, not people – why not? If you like cityscapes, why not? Don’t take photography too seriously. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy it.

  1. Use different cameras for different scenes.

One of the biggest controversies is the film vs “digital”. Proponents of both methods often argue about their benefits.

  1. Content is more important than form.

A good photo is a combination of a good plot and the right form. In photography, the main problem has always been the balance between content and form in one particular photo. Interesting characters are often found on the streets, and we shoot them, but the composition leaves much to be desired.

  1. When choosing photos, lay them out on the floor

When you need to choose photos for a book or exhibition, print them in 4×6 format and lay them out on the floor. Rearrange the works in the order in which you would like to see them in the book, and see which photos are combined with each other when they are next to each other.

  1. Train your observation

One of the distinguishing features of good creativity is subtle observation and curiosity. Therefore, photographers should always be sensitive to their own environment and constantly look in all directions. Noticing possible shots – with or without a camera – is an important quality of any photographer.

  1. Let your style find you

A question that photographers often ask each other is how to form your own vision or style. Instead of philosophy on your own style, use a direct and simple approach: just take photos and leave your viewers the opportunity to think about what style you have.

  1. Print albums

Most photographers are just “online photographers.” We take pictures, post photos on social networks or blogs, and that’s it. As a result, we do not aim to shoot a project or series but pay attention only to individual shots.

  1. Use the “wrong” lens

The idea here is to use the wrong lens, or at least the one you’re used to. The exercise will make you look different and look for creative ways to use unfamiliar equipment.